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Top Five Reasons to Choose Plantation Shutters over Blinds

Plantation Shutters Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear

How Plantation Shutters can make your home better

A favourite window treatment of carpenters and home designers in many parts of the world is plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are not only versatile, but they also improve on the value of your home and are less expensive to buy. More so when you buy a home, you do not have to think about what to put on your windows anymore as there is already a shutter design in place. These are the main reasons why plantation shutters are big favourites among home design enthusiasts.

Shutters or blinds for home window treatment in Newcastle

Classic large window white Plantation Shutters.

The traditional shutter design is different from the design of plantation shutters in a way that their design can rarely be found in today’s houses. If at all, they are usually found in older New England homes. With current trend being focused on letting more light flow into the home and maintaining the view of the outside as visible as possible from the inside, the traditional shutter has seen better days.


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The Top 5 Reasons to choose shutters over blinds

If you are still not convinced about getting plantation shutters for your home, here are some more reasons for you to consider making the switch from shades and blinds:

White plantation shutters in Newcastle Upon Tyne for bedroom and livingroom

White shutters will make a world of difference in your bedroom.

• Plantation shutters can be made to fit almost any type of window. Plantation shutters can actually be custom made and can fit any window size imaginable based on the design alone. Currently, the most popular size ranges from two to two and a half inches, and these are usually installed in the living room. More private rooms such as the bedrooms can have thicker shutters, usually measuring around three to three and a half inches thick. However, keep in mind that these measurements are just the typical sizes. At the end of the day, if you want the size to be thicker or thinner, it is entirely up to you.

• Shutters keep more noise out of your house than blinds. Since shutters are made of wood and are considered permanent fixtures, they provide a much better method of eliminating noise pollution from the outside than your typical blinds. These are flimsy and can really do nothing when it comes to keeping noise out. Plantation shutters, on the other hand, can keep outside noise from streaming into your home.

Posh dark wooden plantation shutters for Newcastle office

Posh dark wooden shutters for an exquisite window look.

• Shutters are a great way to dress windows. You can purchase plantation shutters depending on your preference. Shutters offer a great way to let in sunlight into your home in beautiful rays and are an excellent way to decorate your home in general. You can even buy shutters that cover only half of your windows, although you should weigh your options first.

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• Shutters are more durable than blinds. Blinds, given their qualities, are much more susceptible to breakage and damage than the sturdy design of plantation shutters. This makes them the better choice when it comes to long-term home design.

• Shutters do not require any strict cleaning and maintenance procedures. Although you still need to clean shutters once in a while just like how you would clean the rest of your home, they do not require the same attention as blinds do. This is because plantation shutters do not accumulate as much dust. They also do not require tedious maintenance steps.

All in all Plantation Shutters are an excellent choice to treat your windows the right way

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Solid wooden shutter fitted on a large window frame

White plantation shutters – premium choice for your window dressing

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